Johnny Depp’s Former Friend Claims Actor Has ‘Insulting’ Name For Fans

Johnny Depp's former friend has claimed that the actor has an 'insulting' name for fans.
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Johnny Depp’s former friend has claimed that the actor has an ‘insulting’ name for fans. 

According to the Mirror, iO Tillet Wright testified that the Pirates of the Caribbean star could become ‘nasty,’ claiming: “He would insult his fans.

“He called them – I remember, he called them remoras, which is a type of suckerfish that attaches itself to the hull of a ship and puts a hole in it and then sinks it.

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“He would rail against his mother, his sister – sisters. Pretty much anyone he felt had crossed him or would cross him. He became very nasty.”

Wright was also questioned on Depp’s alleged substance abuse, to this, he testified: “Johnny, when sober, was lovely and magical and very funny. Johnny, when sober, was incredibly lucid, [and] imaginative, and I felt a kindred connection with him.

“Cocaine and alcohol would bring out an ugly side of him, misogynistic and cruel. When he would take any kind of psychedelic, he would become paranoid. When he would drink alcohol, he would become paranoid.”

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However, he went on to claim that Depp was attempting to become sober for Heard, adding: “It wasn’t fun, and that it was distressing and exhausting and very hard to do. He really, really resented having to be sober.”

Depp’s lawyer then interrogated Wright on Heard’s alleged drug use.

Wright claimed that Heard was ‘vehemently against cocaine’ but then alleged that on her birthday, he witnessed her ‘ingest ecstasy’.

Elsewhere in the trial, Amber Heard’s sister testified that the Aquaman star became ’emaciated’ during her relationship with Depp.

Whitney Henriquez alleged that the actress also began ‘not sleeping, she developed a heart condition, her eyes were sunken’.

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