Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Claim Amber Heard Is ‘Giving The Performance Of Her Life’ In Defamation Case

Johnny Depp's lawyers have claimed that Amber Heard is giving 'the performance of her life' in his defamation case against her.
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Johnny Depp’s lawyers have accused Amber Heard of ‘giving the performance of her life’ in the actor’s multi-million defamation lawsuit. 

Camille Vasquez, a member of the star’s legal team, opened her argument by accusing the 35-year-old of being ‘obsessed with her image’.

In the court, she reportedly stated: “She is obsessed with her public image.

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“She has been living and breathing this role for years now and she is preparing to give the performance of her life.”

The lawyer also accused Heard of being ‘the aggressor’ throughout the relationship and claimed she had ‘concocted a role for herself as a victim,’ in order to ‘avoid humiliation’ following Depp’s decision to file for divorce.

In return, lawyers for Heard argued that the actress had endured ’emotional, verbal and physical harassment’ at the hands of Depp and claimed he was now trying to ‘haunt her to wreck her career’.

The claims come as eagle-eyed viewers of the proceedings have taken to social media and commented on the intricate details of Heard’s clothing.

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Users figured out that the tie that she wore on the third day of the trial, which features a bee, was very similar to the one Depp wore on the first day.

Taking to Twitter, one called the similarity ‘creepy,’ saying: “Depp’s tie day one, Heard’s tie day three. True it’s not body language, but I find this super creepy.”

Another commented on the designers that are thought to have made the garment, with one writing: “The only winners at the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial are Gucci and Dior.”

Depp initiated the case over a 2018 article from The Washington Post in which he alleged it was implied that he is a domestic abuser, despite the fact that he wasn’t named.

He is seeking $50million in damages, but Heard is countersuing for $100million.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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