Just Eat Has A Completely Different Name In Australia And People’s Minds Are Blown

Snoop Dogg appears in both adverts.

Just Eat has a completely different name in Australia and people’s minds are blown.

If you live in the UK, chances are you are very familiar with the online food ordering company and even know all the words to the advert which features Snoop Dogg. (Tacos to the chateau, please, did somebody say JUST EAT?!)

However, the song sounds very different Down Under.

Watch the advert below…

The Australian version of the clip has been doing the rounds on Twitter and people are baffled.

“What Just Eat is called in Australia defies description,” wrote one person.

Another added: “I’d say V. E. R. Y. O-D-D.”

Snoop Dogg was reportedly paid £5million to appear in both adverts which first appeared in 2020.

Apparently, the Californian rapper even helped pen the lyrics.

A representative from McCann advertising agency once confirmed this in an interview.

They said: “As part of the deal he was encouraged to play with the lyrics and produce the music.

“In other words, move our jingle on.

“His team said: ‘He’s going to do some work to it. You’ll get it tomorrow. There won’t be much collaboration. Once he’s sprinkled his magic on it, that’s what you’ve got for your money.'”

Featured image credit: Just Eat/YouTube.

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