Woman’s ‘Bizarre’ Way Of Washing Vegetables Goes Viral

Kale Washing Machine: A woman's 'bizarre' way of cleaning vegetables has gone viral. 
Credit: ARK Media

A woman’s ‘bizarre’ way of cleaning vegetables has gone viral. 

Ashley Echols, from Arkansas, US, has started adding her fruit and veg to the washing machine before eating or storing them away.

The 37-year-old first decided to test out the method on some kale.

Watch the woman’s kale cleaning method in the clip below…

To clean the veg, she placed it in the machine and set it to a cool and gentle wash. She then watched as the product spun around.

When it finished, she collected up the kale and placed it in the freezer for a later date.

Pleased with her method, Echols took to TikTok and showed it off. So far, her clip has accumulated over 22,000 likes and plenty of comments.

One viewer commented: “This is why I don’t want to eat at anyone’s house.”

Another added: “I feel like that could be a bad idea.”

“Um, no. I don’t want fabric softener greens,” a third wrote.

Another weighed in, saying: “It’s getting to the point where people will not eat outside of their homes at all. It’s getting too dangerous.”

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A fifth warned: “Y’all don’t do this. The greens could damage the machine. Also, you could be transferring bacteria to your produce.”

Defending Echols, one wrote: “Then they clean the washer out again before using it for cleaning clothes. It really does clean your greens really well all you judgement people chill.”

“This is how my mom did it back in the day. Love it! Rock on Ashley!” another enthused.

Following the reactions, the homemaker told ARK Media: “I was excited to see how it would turn out and the kale got good and clean.

“Lots of people replied with repulsive negative comments about how gross it is and some said they were amazed at the idea and said it was done by older generations.”

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