Playboy Bunny Says She Fell Pregnant With Hugh Hefner’s ‘Devil’ Child At 19

Former Playboy Bunny Karissa Shannon says she fell pregnant with Hugh Hefner's 'devil' child when she was still a teenager.
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Former Playboy Bunny Karissa Shannon says she fell pregnant with Hugh Hefner’s ‘devil’ child when she was still a teenager.

The Playboy Mansion was bought in 1971 by the Playboy Magazine founder, who was also its editor-in-chief.

And while the mansion was well known for celebrity parties, it also had a reputation for disturbing behaviour – such as assaults and drug abuse.

Now, one former Bunny has lifted the lid on a life-changing interaction she had with the magazine mogul.

Find out more about the former Playboy Bunny who aborted Hugh Hefner’s ‘devil’ child below…

Karissa Shannon moved into the Playboy Mansion with her twin sister Kristina in 2008.

She claims that they both slept with Hefner when they turned 19.

The adult star says that this led to her falling pregnant with the then-83-year-old’s child and that it felt like she was ‘carrying the devil’s child’.

Karissa apparently found out she was pregnant after having a blood test before a planned breast enlargement procedure in 2009, which was paid for by Hefner.

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She explains: “I wasn’t having s** with anyone else so it only could have been his baby. I just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

Karissa then had a secret abortion, which Hefner never found out about.

He died in 2017, aged 91, after suffering cardiac arrest.

She continues: “I didn’t want Hef to find out and he never did.

“I was disgusted with my body and felt like there was an alien inside my stomach. It was like the devil was inside of me.

“I didn’t want anyone to know I was carrying an 83-year-old man’s child.”

Her sister, Kristina, details how they managed to get to a clinic without Hefner knowing.

She explains to the Mirror: “I found a clinic in LA. I got Hef’s security to drop us at the mall, pretending we were going shopping, then called my friend to pick us up.

Karissa and Kristina Shannon with Hugh Hefner
The Shannon sisters have spoken out about their time spent with Playboy boss Hugh Hefner. Credit: Alamy

“We were able to keep it secret.”

The twins also tell the publication about the night they slept with Hefner on their 19th birthday.

They recall being pressured into having group s** and taking drugs.

They add that one of Hefner’s former girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson, was the one who invited them to the Playboy founder’s bedroom.

Kristina says: “He bought us alcohol even though the US age limit is 21.

“When we got back, Kendra was like, ‘Do you girls want to smoke some weed in Hef’s room?’.

“But when we got into his room, Kendra left. We got really nervous.

“Hef noticed and said, ‘Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?’.

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“He pulled out silk pyjamas from Italy and we put them on. He pulled out this big pill like the type a horse would take. It was quaalude, which we found out he used all the time.”

Karissa then mentions that Hefner told them the drugs would ‘help’ ease their ‘anxiety’.

Karissa Shannon
Karissa Shannon says she fell pregnant with Hugh Hefner’s ‘devil’ child when she was still a teenager. Credit: @karissashannon1/Instagram

She continues: “He kept saying, ‘My babies, my babies,’ and cradling us as we lay either side of him.

“He told us to call him ‘Papa’. It was almost 5am when we got back to our room that first night and we agreed, ‘He is the devil. He has a black soul. He is going to hell’.”

The former Bunny’s say they were pleased when he died as ‘no more girls’ would be treated in the manner that they were.

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