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Katie Hopkins Surprises Everyone With Popular Opinion On Energy Crisis

Katie Hopkins Energy Crisis: The media personality has surprised everyone by having a popular opinion on the energy crisis. 
Credit: @_katie_hopkins_/TikTok

Katie Hopkins has surprised everyone by having a popular opinion on the energy crisis.

The controversial media personality took to TikTok on August 8 and shared a video on the growing issue, captioned: “The energy price madness has got to be stopped.”

In the clip, she said: “We’re just hearing that the energy bills in January are set to go up to £4,266. That’s quadrupling where we are currently at. We had heard it was going to go up to £3,000. It’s gone up to £4,000.

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“There’s a really strange thing that’s happening. People are talking about what to do about these bills, as if somehow they’re still going to be able to pay them.

“So some dimwit intern on the BBC has been tasked with coming up with ways you can save money, like turning off a few lightbulbs, having one shower less a week, or putting on one load of washing less a week. That isn’t the answer.”

Hopkins went on to say that these ‘solutions’ aren’t the ‘answer’ and people have the ‘wrong mentality’ about the issue.

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She continued: “It’s not possible that we can live in a country where people have to worry about the fact they simply cannot afford under any circumstance to pay for the energy bills coming into their homes – at the same time these energy suppliers are making record profits.

“What on earth are the regulators doing? What on earth are Ofgem and Ofwat doing? They’re not regulating anything.

Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins has surprised everyone by having a popular opinion on the energy crisis. Credit: @_katie_hopkins_/TikTok

“We have to assume a collective action at this point. I have always been a fan of Thatcher, I still am. But it doesn’t really matter what people’s politics are right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right, central or green, or whatever?!

“The simple fact is, we cannot afford to pay the bills that are going to be sent to their homes.”

So far, the post has garnered more than 1.4million views and thousands have taken to the comments, admitting they agree with the 47-year-old.

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One confessed: “Katie Hopkins is finally growing on me.”

“Insanely, she’s right,” another added.

A third weighed in, writing: “Finally a Katie Hopkins I can get on board with.”

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