Katie Hopkins Speaks Out About Being Deported From Australia

Katie Hopkins has spoken out about being deported from Australia after breaching the country's quarantine rules. 
Credit: @_katie_hopkins_/Instagram

Katie Hopkins has spoken out about being deported from Australia after breaching the country’s quarantine rules. 

The 46-year-old has taken to Instagram and insisted the ‘truth’ can’t be silenced.

She penned: “You may ‘deport’ the Hopkins. But you cannot silence the truth. We will fight to TAKE BACK our freedoms.”

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Alongside the caption, she shared a list of things to do when you’re facing a ‘media s***storm’.

Amongst the tips, Hopkins advised: “Don’t read about yourself.”

She added: “That’s just weird. You were there, you know what went down. It is unlikely the word ‘flouting’ was involved.”

According to reports, the ex-Apprentice star jokingly said in an Instagram live earlier this week – which has now been deleted – that she would ‘frighten’ frontline workers at her hotel in Sydney by opening her room door ‘naked with no face mask’.

She then went on to describe the Covid-19 lockdowns as the ‘greatest hoax in human history’.

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Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins has been deported from Australia after joking about taking her mask off while quarantining in a hotel. Credit: @_katie_hopkins_/Instagram

Following the comments, Hopkins’ visa was cancelled, along with her appearance on Big Brother Australia.

But many have taken to social media and questioned why the media personality was allowed in the country in the first place.

The decision was defended by Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, who argued that her presence would be of ‘economic benefit’.

However, she has now slammed Hopkins and dubbed her attitude to be ‘shameful’.

She told ABC News: “We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can possible arrange that. Personally, I’m very pleased she’ll be leaving.”

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