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KFC Send Woman ‘Most Cringe Rejection Letter Ever’

KFC rejection letter
Credit: @kfc_uki/Instagram & KFC

A woman has gone viral on Twitter after sharing the ‘most cringe rejection letter ever’ from KFC. 

Sophie Corcoran voiced her frustrations in a now-deleted tweet after a Durham branch of the chain said they were ‘cluckin’ delighted’ she applied, but ultimately decided she ‘needed more skills under her wing’.

She wrote alongside the post: “I can’t even get a job in KFC up in Durham because ‘I don’t have experience’ despite f**king working at KFC for two and a half years.”

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KFC rejection letter
A copy of the KFC rejection letter sent to the woman. Credit: Twitter

After thanking Corcoran for her application, the rejection letter read: “We’re cluckin’ delighted that you’ve decided to join our flock.

“However, at this moment in time, your skills aren’t the secret recipe the Colonel is looking for.

“We’d love to hear from you again when you have some more experience under your wing, so please give us a cluck if you would like to apply in the future.” 

Although the post has been deleted, it initially garnered thousands of likes, and the responses can still be seen on Twitter.

One user commented: “What a stupid response from KFC. I hate letters like this. Why don’t they just get to the point and be honest instead of dressing it up.

“I had many negative responses from job applications when I was younger.”

“You seriously write rejection letters like this?! That’s how you treat people? Sort it out,” added another. 

A third branded the letter a ‘horrible mocking email,’ from ‘a joke of a company’.

Others saw the funny side of the letter, with one writing: “What the cluck!?”

Another added: “I wouldn’t want to talk to a company who uses puns like that anyway.”

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