King’s Guard Horse Bites Woman’s Ponytail After She Gets Too Close

A feisty King's Guard horse bites a woman's hair after she gets a little too close for comfort in a viral clip.
Credit: ARK Media

A King’s Guard horse has gone viral after biting a woman’s ponytail after she got a little close for comfort.

The King’s Guard is a group of soldiers from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment who have been responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace since 1660.

They are known for their impressive military uniforms and their horses, which are trained to protect the royal family and palace grounds.

And one woman found out just how seriously both humans and horses take that responsibility.

Watch the shocking moment the King’s Guard horse bites the woman’s ponytail below…

A video has been circulating online of a horse from the King’s Guard biting a tourist’s ponytail as she posed for a photo at the Horse Guards Parade, near Buckingham Palace.

The horse was being ridden by a soldier from the Blues and Royals and was stationed next to a sign warning visitors that ‘horses may kick or bite’.

In the clip, the horse can be seen swinging its head towards the woman and biting down on her hair, flinging her around until she is able to break free and run away.

Apparently, another tourist was also nipped on the shoulder by the same horse, in what appears to be a similar incident.

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Although the tourists were surprised by the attack, the soldier riding the horse remained unphased.

The King’s Life Guard is a daily ceremony performed by the King’s Guard at Horse Guards Parade.

The Household Cavalry is a union of the two most senior regiments in the British Army – The Life Guards and The Blues & Royals.

Horse Guards Parade is a popular tourist attraction and a site of Trooping the Colour.

King's Guard horse bites woman's hair.
The feisty King’s Guard horse bit a woman’s hair after she got a little too close for comfort. Credit: ARK Media

This is not the first time that tourists have had run-ins with the royal guards and their horses.

Recently, a video was posted on Facebook shows a tourist getting a nasty shock after standing too close to a King’s Guard horse while posing for a photo with a friend.

The horse suddenly notices the couple standing close by and quickly nips the unsuspecting man’s jacket, causing him to jump away in fright.

While another video shared on TikTok appears to show a child being bitten by a King’s Guard horse, causing social media users to rush to the defence of the animal.

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In a separate incident in April, more footage posted on TikTok shows a King’s Guard exploding at a young woman who leans in for a photo with him.

The clip shows the woman with the guard, who is dressed in full armour and wielding a huge sword.

When she gets too close, he stamps his foot and turns towards her, holding the sword, and bellows: “Do not touch the King’s Life Guard!”

These incidents serve as a reminder that the King’s Guard horses are working animals and should be treated with caution and respect.

Visitors to the Horse Guards Parade should heed the warning signs and keep a safe distance from the horses.

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