Korean Dairy Company Apologises For Ad Portraying Women As Cows 

A Korean dairy company has apologised for an advert that portrays women as cows waiting to be milked. 
Credit: Seoul Milk
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A Korean dairy company has apologised for an advert that portrays women as cows waiting to be milked. 

Seoul Milk first posted the now-deleted advert on their YouTube channel on November 29. 

It features a man carrying a camera, who comes across a stream where he sees women drinking water in a field. 

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The Korean dairy company has faced a backlash over how it’s represented women in a recent advert. Credit: Seoul Milk

In the ad, he says: “We finally succeeded in capturing them on camera at a pristine location where nature is preserved in its purity.

“They drink clean water from pure nature, consume an eco-friendly organic diet, and live peacefully in a placid environment. 

“I will try to approach them cautiously.”

The women are then interrupted by the sound of the man accidentally stepping on and snapping a twig, after this, they turn into cows and start to moo. 

The clip ends with a description of the product: “Clean water, organic feed, 100% pure Seoul Milk.

“Organic milk from an organic ranch in the pleasant nature of Cheongjang.”

According to the Korea Herald report, customers are boycotting the brand due to the portrayal. 

One customer took to their Instagram page, writing: “I will never drink Seoul Milk again.

“Humans should never be described as cattle, and spy-camming can never be used as advertisement material.”

Another fumed: “What on earth were they thinking of creating this ad?”

A third commented: “To think that an advertisement like this could come out in 2021.” 

The company has since issued a response, which reads: “We sincerely apologise to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the milk commercial.

“We are accepting this matter with a heavy heart and will conduct an internal review, and take extra care to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

“We bow our heads in apology.”

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