Lad Leaves Facebook Users Horrified After Attempting To Flog His Dead Sister’s THONGS

Facebook users were left horrified when they realised that a lad was attempting to flog off his dead sister’s underwear. 

Social media users couldn’t believe it when they realised a lad was using the local buying and selling page to flog off his dead sister’s thongs. Many labelled the man disgusting and said it was extremely inappropriate.

An advertisement popped up on Facebook’s local buying and selling page for those living in Ayrshire, Scotland, in which a lad was going through a “house clearance” and in the process, was selling his deceased sibling’s underwear. Shockingly, he even described it as being a part of a “fetish” and was offering discounts for those wanting multiple pairs. For newer pairs, he was offering £2 a pop.

Yet this didn’t go down well with Facebook users, unsurprisingly, especially when he discussed the thongs being a part of a fetish.

Credit: Facebook

Alongside the dozens of pictures he included, the lad wrote: “House clearance as my sister has died.

“Size 14 pants, £2 a pair for new pair, £10 a pair for worn unwashed ideal for fetish.

“Discount for more than one pair.”

As many were left so disgusted by the post, it quickly circulated on other social media platforms and many were left in disbelief.

One person commented: “What the actual f***! No way.”

Someone jokingly said: “I swear, covid masks get more elaborate every day.”

Meanwhile, a third sarcastically wrote: “How a death can bring the best out in you.”

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