Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker Shooter Suspect Released From Prison ‘By Mistake’

Lady Gaga's 'dogwalker shooter' has reportedly been released from prison 'by mistake'. 
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Lady Gaga’s dogwalker shooter suspect has reportedly been released from prison ‘by mistake’. 

According to NBC Los Angeles, James Howard Jackson, 18, was released from court on April 6 after records apparently showed the charges against him had been dropped.

LA County District Attorney’s Office has reportedly said that these dismissed charges were meant to be replaced by a superseding grand jury indictment at the hearing.

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However, it’s believed that the replacement charge against Jackson was not held, sources reportedly told NBCLA.

In April of last year, Jackson, Jaylin White, 19, and Lafayette Whaley, 27, were arrested following the shooting of Ryan Fischer and robbery of Gaga’s French bulldogs.

At the time, the singer’s dogwalker reportedly suffered from a collapsed lung, amongst other serious injuries.

It’s believed that prosecutors charged them with robbery for the dogs-for-cash scheme and attempted murder.

Reportedly, two others were also arrested and charged as accessories to the crime.

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Police reportedly said at the time that none of the suspects were aware that the dogs belonged to the ‘Born This Way’ singer.

However, once the incident was reported, it’s believed the group recruited McBride and allegedly asked her to act as a ‘hero’ once they found out that Gaga would be offering a ‘no questions asked’ reward of $500,000 if her dogs were safely returned.

Allegedly, they wanted her to turn up at the LAPD station and claim that she had found two of the dogs.

However, this alleged plan failed when the police quickly became suspicious of McBride and her story.

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