Landlord Asks Tenant To Spend The Night With Him After She Loses Her Job And Couldn’t Afford Rent

A tenant was asked by her landlord if she would spend the night with him as she couldn’t afford to pay her rent after losing her job. 

Gail Savage couldn’t believe it when she received a text message from her landlord which requested she spent the night with him. Initially, she assumed he must have sent it to the wrong person. However, it turned out that this wasn’t the case.

The single mum of two had lost her job as a bartender at a hotspot Indianapolis cocktail bar and her part-time gig as a burlesque dancer when the US state went under shutdown on March 16.

As she was concerned she wouldn’t be able to pay rent, Gail decided she should probably message her landlord and let him know that she was going to have to wait for the federal stimulus check to arrive in order to pay her April rent.

Yet when she received his response, she was astounded to see that he had asked for her to “stay all night” with him.

In response, she wrote: “I don’t know if you meant to send that to me.”

In return, he bluntly replied: “I did.”

As she was that shocked, Gail messaged back three times stating that she didn’t understand.

All her landlord put was: “Yes.”

Credit: Gail Savage

Gail told BuzzFeed News: “The second I figured out it was happening, it was the craziest thing: I put Salem in his car seat and walked out the door. “I was like, ‘I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t stay’. I was scared.”

Eventually, she decided she would have to return back to the home and she stayed there for a month until she could find somewhere else.

She asked: “How am I supposed to move out, with no money?

“That’s why he chose me to do this to.”

Currently, Gail is waiting to pursue legal action against her landlord, who owns multiple properties, as the exchange of messages made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Gail is now living in a two-bedroom house with a garden that a real estate friend managed to find her. However, this place actually costs $300 more than her old house, yet she’s managed to get the rent price matched. She has even had a lawyer friend get her to contact Fair Housing.

In response to the messages, the landlord stated that it was all “a joke” and “a misunderstanding”. Apparently, he was texting his ex-wife at the time and somehow got the two mixed up when texting.

He said: “Something got confused. That’s all.”

The executive director of Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, Amy Nelson, told BuzzFeed: “Nothing has been filed to date, but we are assisting her in understanding what her rights are under law.”

Gail added: “He picked the wrong person because I’m equipped for this.

“I’m not going to allow him to do this to me or anyone else.”

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