Government’s New Landlords And Pets Legislation Sparks Debate

Landlords Pets Legislation: The government has introduced new rules which has caused a debate on social media.
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The government’s new landlords and pets legislation has sparked debate on social media. 

According to reports, an official proposal will mean tenants have the legal right to keep a pet in their home, as a part of the Renters Reform bill.

The Daily Mail reports that a government source has said: “Not only will our new deal for renters extend the decent homes standard to the private rented sector, we’ll also give tenants a legal right to have a pet if they wish.

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“Would-be pet owners are being unfairly deprived of the company and companionship of an animal by their landlords – so we’ll change the law to end this unfairness.”

The reaction to this news have been divided, with one tweeting: “As a landlord of a one-bedroom flat, my first home, now rented out, I agree.”

“About time!” said a second. “We had a dreadful management company/landlord who insisted we get rid of our dog or move out. The dog was basically mute and nobody noticed it was there for a year!”

A third pitched in, saying: “Always find it funny how as a tenant, I’m told no because of my adult cat who has no record of causing damage to property. But if I had a child it would be fine? A child who can easily cause 10x the damage a single adult cat would.”

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However, others haven’t been convinced that the change is positive.

One person penned: “There needs to be better legislation to protect pet owners. Landlords will pull out every excuse in the book to deny allowing pets.”

“Lol we had a couple of renters one with a parrot and another with a dog,” another added. “The parrot literally ate the top of our kitchen cabinets and the dog chewed on all the doors and dug up the garden. A nightmare. Couldn’t claim any money as they had none even when the bond was used on unpaid rent.”

Remaining firm on their stance, a third wrote: “If I say no pets I mean no f***ing pets. I don’t give a f*** what they say. It’s my f***ing property you a***hole.”

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