Laundrie Family Attorney Reveals Why Parents ‘Didn’t Initially Talk To Police’

The Laundrie family's attorney has revealed why they 'didn't initially talk to police' when Gabby Petito went missing.
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The Laundrie family’s attorney has revealed why they ‘didn’t initially talk to police’ when Gabby Petito went missing.

Steve Bertolino has claimed they were simply ‘following his directions’ as he ‘told them not to talk to anybody’.

It comes as ‘human remains’ were found close to items that reportedly belonged to Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve, Florida, on October 21.

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He told CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “Now’s not the right time to talk about the situation with Gabby, but the family was following my directions.

“I told them not to talk to anybody, not to say a word. I was the intermediary between the family and law enforcement.

“That’s why we’re confident that law enforcement, specifically the FBI was informed that Brian did not come home that night. Whatever played out after that- that’s on the police and the FBI. That’s not on the family.”

When asked what the ‘good reason’ they didn’t speak to Petito’s family was, he claimed it was because he ‘told them not to’.

He continued: “You can label it ‘good reason,’ but I will tell you ‘the reason,’ I told them not to.

“Conveniently, the public seems to forget about the fourth, the fifth, the sixth amendment rights [to the US constitution].

“Defence attorneys should push these rights. Everybody has the right to remain silent, that’s what I told my clients and that’s what they did.”

‘Nine Bodies’ Found During Search For Brian Laundrie And Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito
The Laundrie’s family attorney has revealed why they ‘initially didn’t talk to the police’ when Gabby Petito went missing. Credit: @gabspetito/Instagram

The search for Brian Laundrie began over a month ago.

He was reportedly the last person to be seen with the YouTuber before she vanished.

Tragically, her body was found in a National park in Wyoming and an autopsy later confirmed the cause of death was strangulation.

Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue revealed the horrific findings during a news briefing.

He said: “We hereby find the cause and manner of death to be, the cause, death by strangulation, and manner is homicide.

“By Wyoming state statute, no other information will be released about the autopsy.”

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