Leather Products Are Covered In MOULD After Being Left Untouched In Store Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

Images have been revealed from a Malaysian store in which leather products appear to be covered in mould as they’ve been left untouched due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Photos have been shared online from a Malaysian shopping centre in which there are thousands of ruined products, as the country prepares to enter its third month in the coronavirus lockdown.

As the restrictions are slowly easing, stores across the country are beginning to reopen.

Credit: CEN/@Nex001

The startling images, which have been shared over 44,000 times online, show leather products which have been left on display, including shoes, bags and belts, are now covered in mould.

As the products have been left untouched for around two months, some of the products have been left completely ruined by the mould. Reportedly, it has grown on both leather and faux leather display models.

Credit: CEN/@Nex001

On March 18, Malaysia’s movement control order (MCO) began and it has since been extended to June 9.

Although it is unclear exactly which shopping centre the photos were taken in, it has been suggested that the images were taken in the Sabah province.

On one of the bags, it has a price tag of £126 and it has now been completely destroyed by mould. Reports have suggested that the mould could have been caused by the air conditioning being turned off in the store.

Credit: CEN/@Nex001

On the post, one person wrote: “How fast nature takes over when absence of human.”

Another asked: “Can ask them to sell at very very low low price?”

A third said: “It’s shockingly relevant the world over and will affect businesses worldwide. Good job in bringing awareness.”

In other news, an Instagram ‘rich kid’ has designed a handbag which has reportedly been made from an alligator’s tongue and a human child’s spine. Despite this, he insists the product has been ethically sourced.

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