LEGO Teases Friends Collection And We Want It Now!

LEGO has released images of their latest set which is the Friends Central Perk Cafe, based on the characters’ regular hang out spot and it looks like Friends fanatics have gone wild. 

This nostalgic collection will allow fans of the show to build their very own set of the 1990s sitcom, where you will be able to act out “WE WERE ON A BREAK” and “PIVOT” till your heart’s content.

The brick figures may not be entirely realistic but they certainly do look like they will have endless possibilities when it comes to making up storylines, especially as there are 1,719 pieces to pull and stick together.

The announcement was made through social media and has become a big hit with fans, making them even more excited than when Joey lays his eyes on a sandwich.

‘The One With The Lego Bricks’ appears to include all the main cast – Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey.

After ten magical years, Friends came to an end in 2014. Ross and Rachel finally got together, Monica and Chandler had an adorable set of twins, Phoebe enlightened us to the fact that planes have a “phalange” and Joey … Well, Joey was still his loveable, clueless self.

For many years, there have been hints and teases that there will be a reunion but it has come to no unveiling. Then again, with the flop of a TV series which was Joey, this perhaps is a blessing in disguise. For now, what happened next will have to remain a mystery.

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