Lily Allen Says Husband David Harbour Controls Her Phone

Lily Allen has opened up about her phone habits and revealed that her husband controls her access. 
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Lily Allen has opened up about her phone habits and revealed that her husband controls her access. 

Allen, 39, is an English singer-songwriter known for songs such as ‘Smile’, ‘F*** You’ and ‘Not Fair’.

She’s also ventured into acting and received a Laurence Olivier nomination for Best Actress for her West End debut in the play 2:22 A Ghost Story.

‘The Fear’ singer shares two daughters, Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose, with her ex-husband Sam Cooper.

Allen began dating her current husband in 2019 and in a recent episode of her podcast Miss Me?, she opened up about their relationship in further detail.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen has opened up about her relationship with husband David Harbour. Credit: @lilyallen/Instagram

Allen tied the knot to Stranger Things star David Harbour, 49, in September 2020 – they wed in Las Vegas and in true Vegas style, had an Elvis Presley impersonator officiate the wedding.

Since becoming husband and wife, the celebrity couple have given glimpses into their romance through red-carpet appearances and interviews here and there.

Harbour said of Allen in an interview with People: “I’m so grateful that I’m not alone anymore, and that I have someone that I can tell everything to and who can tell me everything.

“We can share this experience of walking through life together.

“I’m always so overcome with gratitude for that, because I’ve been alone for most of my life.”

Lily Allen and David Harbour.
Lily Allen has previously joked that her relationship with husband David Harbour is ‘based on a lie’. Credit: Alamy

Meanwhile, Allen has said their ‘relationship is based on a lie’.

During her podcast, which she co-hosts alongside Miquita Oliver, the ‘Hard Out Here’ artist confessed that when she first began dating Harbour, she would Google how many dates you should go on before sleeping with someone.

“There was different answers depending on whether they’re English or American. I think English was five and American was seven dates,” Allen said (via the Mirror).

Towards the end of the discussion, the singer would say she thinks her now husband was seeing other women when they first began dating – and she pretended she was OK with it.

Allen recalled: “I remember us talking about it on a date and I was like ‘Totally fine, of course’ and I think he was attracted to me pretending to be fine with it.”

Jokingly, she then quipped: “So our whole relationship is based on a lie.”

And now, Allen has surprised fans with the latest comments on her marriage.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen says she and her husband control what apps they can each have on their phones. Credit: Alamy

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ singer says that she and Harbour control what apps they can each have on their phones.

She explains that this is because she uses a phone meant for a child and it requires a parent to be linked to it.

“I now have a kids’ phone called Pinwheel. It has no browsing capability and no social media, but you can still have Uber and Spotify,” Allen tells the outlet.

“My husband is the caregiver on it, so he controls what I’m allowed to have as an app on my phone. I’m the controller of his as well.”

Allen goes on to say that smartphones are ‘addictive’, adding: “I don’t know anyone who could possibly say that the quality of their life is improved by the presence of a smartphone.

“I think it’s destroyed us as a species. It’s horrendous that they’re designed to be so addictive. Some of us have more addictive personalities than others. It’s evil.”

David Harbour and Lily Allen.
The celebrity couple has received praise for trying to combat their screentime. Credit: @dkharbour/Instagram

Some have taken to the comments and praised the couple for trying to combat their screentime, with one fan writing: “I love their idea! I’m an adult college graduate. First generation. I read a lot of books, and they’re not lying! Smartphones have taken over! I’ve deleted my Instagram, I never had TikTok, I never had Facebook.”

Another adds: “That’s pretty cool. It’s nice to see celebs taking steps to manage screentime.”

Others aren’t such fans of the idea of couples monitoring their partners’ phones, with one person commenting: “Hell no. That is such a red flag for me.”

Another agrees, saying: “Yeah that is not a good sign.”

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