Live Explosions Heard During Journalist’s Report From Ukraine Capital

Live explosions were heard during a CNN journalist's report from the Ukraine capital of Kyiv.
Credit: CNN via YouTube

Live explosions were heard during a CNN journalist’s report from the Ukraine capital of Kyiv and the clip has now gone viral.

Matthew Chance’s broadcast was interrupted on February 24 when he heard a ‘big bang’ while discussing Russia’s ‘military operation’.

Chatting to the studio, he said: “There are big explosions taking place in Kyiv right now, I can’t see where they’re taking place from this vantage point here on top of the roof of the hotel in central Kyiv.

Watch Matthew Chance report from the Ukraine capital in the clip below… 

“I can’t explain what they are… I heard four or five explosions moments ago.”

At this point, a colleague expressed their concern for Chance’s safety and interrupted his report to check whether he was okay.

The journalist stated that he was under the impression he was safe, however, he temporarily paused his report to put on a helmet and flak jacket.

Footage of Chance’s segment is now circulating on Twitter and hundreds have taken to the comments and shared their concern.

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Matthew Chance
Live explosions were heard during the journalist’s report from the Ukraine capital of Kyiv. Credit: CNN via YouTube

One tweeted: “I feel so bad for Matthew. He looks so worried. And understandably so. Hopefully, all of this is resolved peacefully and as quickly as possible.”

Another added: “I was so scared for him. I’m just hurt this man [Vladimir Putin] won’t stop. Evilness killing people that’s Satan has taken. I can’t rest, I’m just praying for those people.”

“If your job requires you to put on a flak jacket mid report then you know it’s time to leave while planes are still operating,” a third commented.

A fourth said: “Surreal and frightening.”

Following Chance’s report, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a live TV broadcast in which he sent a chilling warning to the West.

The 69-year-old stated: “To anyone who would consider interfering from the outside – if you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history.”

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