Logan Paul Accused Of ‘Faking’ $3.5m Pokémon Card Scam

Logan Paul Fake Pokémon Cards: The American YouTuber has been accused of 'faking' being 'scammed out $3.5 million' by fans.
Credit: Logan Paul via YouTube
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Logan Paul, who recently compared his brother, Jake Paul, to former professional boxer Mike Tyson, has been accused of ‘faking’ his ‘£3.5million Pokémon card scam’. 

The YouTuber recently uploaded a clip showing him unboxing the items and quickly discovering they were ‘fake’ and ‘worth just $350’.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “New video, this sucks. I lost $3,500,000 on fake Pokémon Cards, watch so I can get my money back.”

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However, fans are calling the whole ordeal ‘bulls***,’ and have insisted he’s ‘up to something’.

One person said: “Not buying this. No one would spend that kind of money without knowing for a FACT it’s real. He’s doing this for publicity.

“Can’t believe anything this dude says.”

Another added: “His first video after 7 months. Definitely up to something.”

Pitching in, a third commented: “I call bulls***. We’ll obviously never know but I think this whole thing was staged for views.” 

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Logan Paul has now been accused of ‘faking’ his ‘£3.5million Pokémon card scam. Credit: Logan Paul via YouTube

In the footage, an ‘expert’ examines the cards, and informs Paul: “Why are they so puffy? See how they’re shaped all… They don’t look great.”

The YouTuber responds: “Why are they bending like that? What’s inside of them?”

The person examining them then claims: “It’s fake, bro.”

Paul is then told he ‘got duped’ and that it’s the ‘biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon’.

After hearing the news, Paul addressed his YouTube viewers and said: “I’m a super-positive person, bro, and I’m always the one to look on the bright side, and I’m trying, but this is so hard.

“I’m grateful for the things I have that are real now. Damn, bro, I just went from 11 first-edition boxes to five.

“We got f***ed, end of story.”

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