Lollipop Ladies In Australia Earn Up To £67,000 A Year

Lollipop ladies in Australia are reportedly earning up to £67,000 a year, which is twice the amount teachers and nurses are earning. 
Credit: Pexels

Lollipop ladies in Australia are claiming to be earning up to £67,000 (AUD$130,000) a year, which is twice the amount teachers and nurses are making, according to reports. 

Amy Dowsett, from Sydney, who refers to herself as a traffic operator, is just one of many who is making a massive salary.

She told the Daily Telegraph: “When I tell other people how much I earn, they say: ‘Where do I sign up?’

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Lollipop ladies in Australia are earning up to £67,000 a year by working on construction sites. Credit: Unsplash

“I’ve got friends who are now in and loving it.

“You don’t get bored because there is always something going on.”

The 30-year-old added that the industry is currently doing very well, thanks to a commercial boom and the industry’s union.

Currently, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union member is earning $40 an hour.

Dowsett has revealed that she also gets a travel allowance of $45 and a $22 meal allowance per day.

Plus, if she works more than 10 hours a day, she will receive double time.

Brian Parker, the NSW’s union secretary has stated that such a high salary is justified because regardless of the weather, the traffic operators need to remain outside.

He said: “They stand outside all day in all sorts of weather and they cop abuse from the public.”

Employees who are on non-CFMEU contracts aren’t earning such a significant amount.

A company owner – who didn’t want to be named – commented: “It’s standover tactics. What the CFMEU makes employers pay is a farce.”

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