Londoner Is Transforming Into ‘Genderless Monster’

A Londoner, who goes by the Jazmin Bean, is reportedly transforming into a 'genderless monster'. 
Credit: @jazminbean/Instagram

A Londoner, who goes by the Jazmin Bean, has revealed they are transforming into a ‘genderless monster’. 

The non-binary influencer, who has over 600,000 Instagram followers, admitted that they ‘enjoy’ scaring people with their ‘evolving’ and unusual look.

In a chat with Barcroft TV, they explained: “I’m into post-human creepy and Japanese fashion.

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“I don’t mind if people are scared of me, I actually enjoy it.

“It’s just like funny because underneath this I’m literally just like a five-foot-three human.”

Apparently, Bean’s interest in becoming a ‘monster’ started when they began experimenting with makeup.

They said: “I started with just like drag makeup and face looks. Then it kept on evolving and evolving.

“I’d like to say my inspiration is like, fantasy, fairies, and all other like creatures.”

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Londoner Jazmin Bean identifies as a 'genderless' monster.
The Londoner is transforming into a ‘genderless monster’. Credit: @jazminbean/Instagram

Although they’re reportedly happy with the way they look, Bean said that they have further plans to complete their ‘alien genderless’ appearance. In particular, they’re considering top surgery, so they no longer have to use a binder.

“I’d like to wear it [the binder] on my off-days but it does get kinda damaging for your ribs,” they said. “One day, hopefully, I’ll have surgery and it is like, completely like nothing.”

Despite their unique look, Bean insisted they have a normal life.

They said: “People think that if you’re looking like this, you’re just in some fantasy world and not having a job, and you don’t do real-life stuff.

“But you have to, as much as you don’t want to. That’s just the reality of it.”

They then added that sometimes, they don’t want all the ‘attention’ on them.

“I just want to go out and do stuff but people are like, mean,” they admitted. “Um and obviously I’m just trying to go and do my thing, I don’t really want all the attention.”

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