Shrek Fan Spots ‘Traumatising’ Rude Moment In Lord Farquaad Scene That We All Missed

The Lord Farquaad bed scene in the first Shrek movie has left some fans 'traumatised'.
Credit: Dreamworks

Shrek fan has spotted a ‘traumatising’ rude moment in a Lord Farquaad scene that the majority of us missed. 

Shrek is a popular animated film that tells the story of an ogre, named Shrek, who embarks on a quest to rescue a princess and ends up finding true love along the way.

Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist in the movie and is recognisable by his short stature, arrogance, and desire to become king.

But one of his scenes featured a particularly rude moment that has stunned social media users.

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TikTok user Kathy, who goes by the username @kathy_martinez05, shared a clip of Lord Farquaad on the social media platform.

In the scene, the antagonist of the movie sits in bed while drinking a martini and he asks the magic mirror to show him a picture of Princess Fiona.

But upon closer examination, the fan noticed that a bulge can be seen in the bedsheets – indicating that the villain may have been a little bit too excited by the thought of the princess.

“Did anyone catch that?” Kathy has asked her followers.

@kathy_martinez05 Did anyone else catch that? #fyp #foryou #Shrek #adultjokes #adulthumor #childhood ♬ original sound – Kathy

She’s since been inundated with responses from fans of the movie.

Many have said they’ve also been left traumatised after understanding the scene’s true meaning, while others have joked they’re going to bring it up in therapy sessions.

One person says: “I’m not at all innocent but I am traumatised after this and understanding it now.”

Another TikToker questions: “Why? Why did they do that? Who agreed to animate that?”

“I will never forgive you for this,” someone else says.

A fourth viewer jokes: “I know what I will bring up in my next therapy session now.”

Lord Farquaad in bed.
The Lord Farquaad bed scene in the first Shrek movie has left some fans ‘traumatised’. Credit: Dreamworks

The clip is now going viral and has garnered over 29,000 comments, with many viewers sharing the post and expressing their shock over the seemingly explicit scene.

This is not the first time that TikTokers have pointed out a joke in a children’s movie that initially went over their heads.

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One social media user went viral after spotting a scene in Toy Story 2 where Jessie performs stunts around Andy’s bedroom.

The movie then cut to Buzz, who looked amazed before his wings shoot out and the lights on the end started to flash, implying excitement.

Viewers were again shocked by the implication, with some joking that Buzz had a ‘woody’ and others questioning the meaning of Woody’s famous line, ‘There’s a snake in my boot!’.

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