Lord Of The Rings Amazon TV Series Is Searching For ‘Weird-Looking’ People To Play Orcs

The casting agents of the Amazon TV series Lord of the Rings are in desperate need for people with ‘weird-looking’ features to audition to play orcs. 

Two Auckland casting companies have come forward to ask people to audition for the roles as grotesque looking orcs. People who are toothless, heavily-wrinkled and hairy are desired for the role.

The new Amazon Lord of the Rings series will begin filming in 2020 and in a country which has less than 5 million, the casting companies involved are struggling to fill in the roles for the freakish J.R.R. Tolkien creations. They have even resorted to hitting the streets to search for odd-looking members of the public, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The advert has even been shared by one of the agencies to Facebook, where they are requesting suitable applicants to come forward who are under 5ft or over 6ft 5ins with ‘wonderful noses’ and ‘character faces’.

This isn’t the only request that the agencies have asked for. It is also stated that they are in search of people with plenty of wrinkles and ‘hairy, hairy people of all ages and ethnicities’.

‘HAIR HAIR HAIR – If you have natural red hair, white, or lots and lots of freckles,’ the agency added.

Interestingly, the advert welcomes ‘long lithe dancers’, ‘stocky mean-looking bikers,’ and ‘redheads of all ages, shapes and sizes’.

One Kiwi jumped at the chance to take part in the show, responding to the online advertisement, by the name of the Justin Smith aged 41. He stated that he believes he has a unique appearance which makes him a top pick for the show.

The lorry driver told the Wall Street Journal: “I’ve got more than missing teeth, I’ve got none.”

Smith lost all of his teeth in a surfing accident and sent in images to show off his toothless grin through the application process. At this moment in time, he is waiting for a callback to make it to the next stages of the audition.

Another applicant, Nick King, who lives in Christchurch, was persuaded to try out after friends convinced him he had a ‘character face’.

King, who is a musician, photographer and graphic designer, added that the application process involved answering whether or not he could switch between different accents and whether he had any sword-fighting training.

According to experts, it is a great money-saving technique to employ people who already have distinguishing features as it means fewer makeup costs.

As well as having some meals sorted for a couple of days, the extras who will be playing wickedly evil goblins and homely hobbits will be paid £148 per day for their work in New Zealand.

The TV series will be based on the same fictional universe which was created by legendary author J.R.R. Tolkien, who published the series at intervals between 1954 and 1955.

Like the books, and the early 2000s Peter Jackson adaptions, the landscape will be filled with mythical villages, celestial elves, terrifying humanoid monsters and dwarfish villagers.

The upcoming series is being adapted by Amazon and has reportedly cost £190 million just for the rights themselves. The details, including the cast and plot, are being kept top secret.

The Lord of the Rings movie franchise which was produced between 2001 and 2003 cost over £225 million to create and in total, required over 20,000 extras to populate these epic scenes.

So for once in your life, yours or your friend’s ‘unique’ looking features may be beneficial.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.