Madeleine McCann ‘Was Killed In Portugal,’ German Authorities Believe

German authorities say Madeleine McCann was 'killed in Portugal'.
Credit: RNZ via YouTube

Madeleine McCann is believed to have been ‘killed in Portugal,’ according to German authorities. 

Investigators initially believed that convicted sex offender Christian Brueckner, 44, may have moved the toddler to Germany in 2007. But now experts say ‘concrete evidence’ suggests otherwise. 

Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters recently told the Sunday Mirror he is ‘optimistic’ the case will be solved, although he refused to add any more detail. 

Madeleine McCann’s Parents ‘Still Believe In Miracles’ Ahead Of 18th Birthday

Luz Ocean Club Hotel, Portugal.
Madeleine McCann and her family had been staying at the Luz Ocean Club Hotel, Portugal when she was kidnapped. Credit: Screenshot via TripAdvisor

When asked where he believes she was killed, Wolters responded: “In Portugal.”

Brueckner was revealed to be the prime suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance last June and now cops are searching for evidence to have him charged. 

However, the convict’s lawyer, Friedrich Fulscher, has denied his client has anything to do with the case. 

Despite denying allegations, German police dug up Christian B’s allotment in Hanover last summer. 

It is believed the investigators were searching for any type of material, such as computer drives, that could certify he was linked to the case. 

Although investigators abroad are convinced Madeleine was killed in Portugal, British police are continuing to treat the little girl’s disappearance as a missing persons case as there’s been no confirmed evidence to suggest otherwise.

Madeleine’s parents have stated they ‘believe in miracles’ and remain hopeful they will find their daughter alive too.

On the website, they stated they will continue to search for their little girl as ‘there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed,’ and because they ‘love her dearly and miss her beyond words’.

People across the world have also shared their belief that one day, Madeleine will be reunited with her family.

On the forum, one person said: “I believe Madeleine is still alive and will be reunited with her mum and dad, Sean and Amelie. God marked her eye for a reason. Never give up and never give in. Madeleine’s parents are exceptional and have never stopped looking for her. I support them completely.”

Another added: “Never stop hoping, this year may be the year you’re all reunited again. This must be so hard for you all. We will find you, Madeleine.”

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