Madison Beer Says She Got PTSD After Her Nude Videos Leaked Online

Madison Beer says she got PTSD after her nude videos leaked online.
Credit: @madisonbeer/Instagram & Call Her Daddy via YouTube

Madison Beer says she got PTSD after her nude videos leaked online. 

The ‘Selfish’ singer, 24, first rose to fame in 2013 after she posted videos of herself covering songs on YouTube – with one of them getting shared by Justin Bieber.

She now has 35.9 million followers on Instagram and a legion of fans.

However, not everything has been positive for Beer – as she’s opened up about a past experience that traumatised her.

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When the ‘Reckless’ star was just 15 years old, nude videos of her leaked online.

On the Call Her Daddy podcast, Beer tells host Alex Cooper that she felt ‘powerless’ after they got shared and she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to the NHS website, PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is caused by a stressful or frightening situations.

Beer tells Cooper: “I was so disturbed by it and so afraid. I felt so unsafe and just, like, scared.

“There were so many layers of peeling the onion of how that made me feel and… no one saying that it was wrong.”

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The ‘Melodies’ singer then recalls how she found out the videos had been shared after her friend sent her the video that she had sent to a boy she was seeing at the time.

Another friend then sent her a second clip the following day.

“I knew in my bones that the second this was texted to me it would end up on the internet, unfortunately, and I couldn’t run from that fact,” Beer adds.

Madison Beer
Madison Beer says her leaked nude photos led to her suffering from PTSD. Credit: @madisonbeer/Instagram

The ‘Good in Goodbye’ artist then reveals that the video blew up Twitter while she was at dance rehearsals and shockingly, the person who uploaded it blocked Beer when she asked if they could delete it.

The ‘All Day And Night’ singer explains: “I was just looking at it, and I remember just dropping to the floor and being like, ‘Oh, my God, what do I do?’.

“I reached out to the person who posted it and begged them to delete it, and they just blocked me, straight-up just blocked me immediately.

“I think that some people that maybe haven’t gone through it, or men, don’t understand how truly traumatising something like this can be, especially for a minor.”

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Beers compares the moments to when Miley Cyrus was caught smoking a bong in 2010 – who was subject to significant backlash at the time.

The 24-year-old continues: “It was so, so hard for so long, and I felt like the whole world had seen the video, and this is also the beginning of having real trigger-able PTSD from the situation.”

Despite how the incident traumatised her, Beer has admitted that she never pressed charges against the boy who leaked the images as she does not think he is ‘evil’ or ‘malicious’.

“At the time, I knew it was inappropriate,” she says on the podcast, “but I wasn’t as shocked and disgusted as I am now.”

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