‘Magic’ Deer Named Carrot Miraculously Survives Arrow Shot Through Head

A “magic” deer has gone viral after it was photographed by a wildlife photographer, with images showing that the animal has survived an arrow being shot through its head. 

The friendly deer, which has been named Carrot by locals, has become friends with a wildlife photographer called Lee-Anne Carver, as it has passed through her lawn since being a fawn.

However, the wildlife photographer and her husband, of Kenora, Ontario, were left heartbroken on December 9. As the friendly deer appeared once again in their lawn, but this time with an arrow through its head.

Miraculously, the deer had managed to survive the blow.

Carver believes that it was likely the animal was shot through a window or from a desk, based on the angle. Although the innocent creature has survived the potentially fatal injury, the photographer has been left devastated and has called the act malicious.

Facebook: Carrot the Magic Deer and Orange Heart Club

The photographer told The Guardian how Carrot had appeared unfazed by the dramatic blow, but to her, it was an incredibly disturbing sight.

When the deer was first discovered, local officials had reassured Carver that Carrot would not be being euthanised.

Both hunters and wildlife officials agreed that the arrow must have missed any vital arteries. However, it has been established that the arrow should not be removed from the deer, as removing it could reopen a wound and potentially cause infection. It’s likely that as the arrow has stayed in place, it’s prevented from it bleeding.

Yet somehow, the top half of the arrow has managed to snip off.

Carver is hoping that once the loveable deer has recovered, the arrow will slide out naturally on its own.

Facebook: Carrot the Magic Deer and Orange Heart Club

A Facebook group has now been created named Carrot the Magic Deer and Orange Heart Club, to raise awareness of Carrot’s plight.

On the page, Carrot is described as a “gentle and friendly” creature who “brings harm to no one and absolute joy to many”.

Already, the deer’s story has touched hearts all over the world and is receiving letters from places as far as South Africa and Australia.

Carver said that Carrot has managed to unify everyone, with the internet usually being a place which is known to ignite opposing ideas.

The wildlife photographer was surprised to have even had the support of the hunting community, who she initially thought would have reacted negatively to the story.

Somehow, Carrot has managed to bring opposing cultures together, in the form of hunters and non-hunters.

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