Male Teachers In Spain Are Wearing Skirts To School After Pupil Was Expelled For Wearing One

Credit: @borjamusico/@joxepinas/Twitter

Male teachers in Spain are wearing skirts to school in protest after a pupil who was expelled for wearing one. 

Following the incident, teachers across the country have joined the Clothes Have No Gender movement. 

The latest to join in on the protest is Manuel Ortega, 37, and Borja Velazquez, 36, who want to show the boy support after he was cruelly mocked, reports the Metro

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Male teachers are joining the Clothes Have No Gender movement by wearing skirts to school. Credit: @joxepina/Twitter

According to witnesses, the student faced homophobic slurs and ended up his changing his clothes out of embarrassment. 

After hearing what had happened, Mr Ortega was left horrified and decided to wear a skirt ‘to promote tolerance’. 

In a tweet, he penned: “A school that educates with respect, diversity, co-education and tolerance. Dress how you want! We join the campaign #clotheshavenogender.”

However, Mr Ortega and Mr Velazquez stressed to El Pais that they didn’t take part just to join a viral movement. 

They simply wanted to ‘increase respect’ and encourage other teachers to do the same.

The movement has been taking place in Spain since November 4 of last year.

Jose Piñas joined in the solidarity and wore a skirt to class too.

On Twitter, he wrote: “20 years ago I suffered persecution and insults for my sexual orientation in the institute where I am now a teacher… many teachers, they looked the other way.”

Across social media, parents have been sharing their support for the cause.

One parent commented: “Congratulations on your attitude. High schools are sometimes very hard for students, you have to know how to be aware of it and position yourself without nuances to guarantee yourself safety from attacks.”

Another said: “My son (13 years old) went to class with a skirt yesterday. They had agreed between several students to do it… I’m proud.”

However, others have criticised the teacher and mulled over whether or not the movement was necessary, particularly within schools.

“I am neither homophobic, nor xenophobic, nor racist, nor anything similar, but in my early forties the reason why boys go to school in skirts escapes me. Is it really necessary?” a person questioned.

Pitching in, a second added: “Long live equality, how did you not put some heels and a little mascara in your eye? … Please no.”

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