Man Branded ‘Patronising’ After ‘Leaving 200% Tip At Restaurant’

A man has been branded 'patronising' on TikTok after 'leaving a 200% tip when dining at a restaurant'. 
Credit: @realkingkhang/TikTok

A man has been branded ‘patronising’ after ‘leaving a 200% tip when dining at a restaurant’. 

The guy, who goes by the username @reakingkhang on TikTok, shared a video of himself captioned: “He got 200% tips.”

Over in the video, he added: “Surprised my waiter [with a ] Valentine’s tip.

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Man slammed over 200% Tip
The TikToker filmed himself telling the server to ‘swipe to the max’. Credit: @realkingkhang/TikTok

“I love doing this. Feels so good making someone’s day.”

In the clip, the man could be heard telling the server to ‘keep swiping’ on the screen, until it reached the maximum tip percentage.

He told the waiter: “Swipe as far as it goes. Boom 200%.”

After watching the video, many people took to the comments and questioned the man’s motives for tipping such an extortionate amount.

@realkingkhangHe Got 200% Tips♬ original sound – KingKhang

One asked: “Why do we make games out of tipping people and film it? Just give the money leave it at that.”

“Y’all did not need to post this,” said another. “And you didn’t need to repeat it four times at the table like you are gods or something.”

A third added: “I’ve tipped $100 on $30 orders and I give homeless people $50 randomly – and not ONCE have I filmed it. I do it from the heart NOT for attention.”

However, others rushed to the man’s defence, arguing that people were just looking for something to complain about.

Defending him, one said: “Everyone in here mad about this s*** is just p****y that they aren’t getting tipped a bill, you guys are just as bad as the Uber Eats and DoorDash drivers.”

“Funny how everybody’s b****ing and whining he’s tipping the way he is when there’s another guy tipping $1000 dollars [and] nobody says s***,” remarked another.

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