Man Becomes Internet Sensation Due To His Extra Long 5-Inch Thumbs

A 20-year-old man from Massachusetts, US, has become a viral internet sensation after being noticed for his extremely long thumbs. 

College student, Jacob Pina, has become an internet sensation after posting images and videos of his five-inch thumbs to his social media pages.

Being six feet tall, Jacob’s extremely long thumbs are not a feature that immediately stands out on his already tall figure.

It wasn’t until his teen years that Jacob discovered his thumbs were a lot longer than the average persons, after comparing them to other people’s at school.

According to the New York, the average thumb length of a man is 2.74 inches and approximately 2.49 in women. Meaning that with five-inch thumbs, Jacob’s thumbs are 2.26 inches above average.



Jacob told It’s Gone Viral that it is possible his long-limbed thumbs are genetic, with a relation of Jacob’s also having unusual features on his hands: “My grandfather has odd hands; [his] fingers are bent and very long.”

Despite having extremely long thumbs, Jacob hasn’t experienced difficulties in his life due to his long fingers, apart from trying to find a comfortable pair of gloves of course.

Discussing how it has affected his social life, Jacob said: “People just started to point it out and I started to show it off. They bring their friends to come see my thumb and compare it with theirs and take pictures. [There’s] no bullying, just attention from friends.”

It appear Jacob’s thumbs certainly do have some handy advantages, especially when it comes to thumb wars as Jacob said he has “participated in about 150 [thumb wars] and lost only once to my 6 foot 7 friend.”

Well, at least we know not to make a bet on winning that!

Since Jacob realised there was intrigue revolving around his thumb, he has made the most of those few extra inches by sharing as much thumb-related content as possible. Little did he know it was the start of a thumb sensation!

Check out the video below to see the 5-inch thumb in action.

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