Man Has Bought A “Chocolate Safe” To Stop Fiancé Eating All The Snacks

A man has installed a “chocolate safe” fridge in order to stop his fiancé from eating all the snacks in the fridge. 

Based in the UK, Stacy Lowe was in shock when arriving home to find her fiancé had installed a “chocolate safe” to protect all of his snacks from prying hands.

In response to her fiancé’s drastic action, Stacy decided to share the issue with Facebook to see if she was the only one who thought it was a step too far.

Stacy wrote: “Dave goes and buys a f***ing fridge safe because he’s an a**hole and doesn’t want to share his chocolate with me anymore! Anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material right?”

Having been shared over 59,000 times, it appears not everyone is in agreement with Stacy over her slamming her partner, with some stating it’s a great solution to resolving the conflict over who gets what snacks.

Ricah Neely said that this would be “good for your apartment,” tagging a friend.

Cheryl Anne tagged a friend commenting, “Here’s an idea”.

However, some were in agreement that it was a nasty idea to do this.

Chloe Cullen tagged her partner, writing “I’d divorce you if you did that to me ?”.

It turned out many people were surprised such a product existed, so enquired to Stacy where her partner had purchased the product from.

Stacy responded: “For everyone asking Dave bought this fridge safe from Lockabox.”

The ‘Lockabox One’ is £29.95.

Lockabox provides a range of clear containers, however, the one used in Stacy’s fridge is £29.95. Clearly a price worth paying to keep your favourites chocolates safe from being eaten by your family or friends.

The ‘Lockabox One’ is available in five colours.

Hygienic and lockable, the container can be used to store food, medicine and other home safety objects.

The website has a description of the product: “Compact and hygienic lockable box for food, medicines and home safety.

“Ideal for house shares, allergies, dieting, diabetics, dementia care, child safety and storage of personal property. Organise and secure potentially harmful items in and around the home….”

The ‘Lockabox One’ is available in five colours: crystal, jet, opal white, ice grey and jade.

After analysing the situation (and still being unable to access the snacks), Stacy has decided that “two can play that game” and has decided she might be purchasing a Lockabox of her very own.

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