Man Brutally Takes Down Sister’s Husband After He Boasts About Treating Women ‘Like Dirt’

A man brutally took down his brother-in-law after he boasted about how “women like to be treated like dirt”, alongside a photo of himself and his wife on their wedding day. 

A man decided to post some unconventional advice onto Reddit, alongside a photo of himself and his wife on their special day.

In a Tinder subreddit, the man wrote: “You just gotta give them a reason to stick around.

“Women like to be treated like dirt when you first meet them… It’s f***ed up but it’s true.

“Or you could just get a cute dog.”

Yet the husband had not considered that someone he knew could see this “advice”, especially not his wife’s brother. And most of all, he had not been expecting a brutal response.

Disappointed by what his brother-in-law had written, he responded: “I’ll assume it was the cute dogs then, because I’d be pretty disappointed to hear you treated my sister like dirt at any point.”

Context: He posted a pic of himself and his wife on r/Tinder and then commented this shit – his Brother in Law then saw the post and the comment … Crosspost from r/MurderedByWords, posted by u/HereIsNoukster from trashy

After responding to the post, the thread has become viral as fellow Redditors have applauded the brother-in-law’s response, whilst slamming the husband’s despicable attitude.

One person commented: “Christmas with the family is gonna be interesting this year.”

Whilst another said: “Let’s see how long that relationship (oh god, marriage?) lasts.”

A third wrote: “Oh NOOOOOO! What was this guy thinking?? LMAO!!!!”

In other news, a bride has been branded “selfish” after asking online whether or not it is acceptable for her to ask her grandad to stretch his £3,000 wedding dress budget he had given her – as she has now decided her wedding cannot go ahead unless she has her two dream dresses.

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