Man Collects Old Tires And Upcycles Them Into Cosy Beds For Stray Cats And Dogs!

A man has been collected and upcycling old tires and turning them into useful and cosy beds for stray cats and dogs! 

Artist Amarildo Silva felt that many old items were being overlooked for their potential and decided to do something about it. But he wanted to make sure that whatever he created would be beneficial to others.

From Campina Grande, Brazil, the artist was saddened to see that there were stray animals on every single street he passed and it broke his heart.

In this particular town, there are more than fives as many stray animals than there are homeless people.

The 23-year-old decided to do anything he could to make their lives a little easier.

Credit: Amarildo Silva

One day, he had the amazing idea to repurpose old tires into some practical which would benefit the city and also make the streets look better by brightening them up.

He originally came up with the idea when he noticed that animals were curling up in used tires at night.

To begin his ambitious project, he went out on the search across town for dozens of tires and found many, especially in landfills.

As well as creating something useful, Amarildo wanted to make something beautiful and bright. Therefore, he painted the tires colourfully and filled them full of special touches, such as painting different shapes on them and even adorning them with the name of the pet, if for an animal in particular. To top it all of, he would plump it would with a soft cushion and matching pillows to make sure the animals had a comfy, snug experience.

Credit: Amarildo Silva

Happy with what he had created, it inspired him to quit his job and pursue his dream of creating art on a full-time basis.

Amarildo’s first clients were his previous coworkers, who he had worked with at a supermarket. They all purchased a tire for their pets and it wasn’t long before the project started to gain local attention.

Many people were impressed by the fact Amarildo was being sustainable by using old, abandoned materials and giving them a new purpose. Whilst overs were overjoyed that stray animals in the community were finally getting a bit of luck.

Thanks to all the attention his tires had garnered, the artist now regularly attends community and school events to discuss the importance of sustainability.

At this moment in time, Amarildo is running his own business which he has named Cãominhas Pets, which focuses on making durable and long-lasting tire beds for homeless animals, as well as any that are requested for the use of home pets.

Credit: Amarildo Silva

The entrepreneur hasn’t stopped there. He has now created other pieces of art, such as recycling containers, using decommissioned tires and they look brilliant thanks to his choice of colours which pop.

Having enjoyed making the tire beds so much, Amarildo wants to start focusing on making other pieces of furniture too, that are sustainable and not harming the planet.

He told the environmental blog Green Matters: “Over the course of two years, I have already removed 1,500 units of old tires from the environment making only the pet beds. This certainly makes a very big positive impact on nature.”

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.