Man Drinks A Litre Of Lemon Juice In Under 17 Seconds – Breaking The World Record

A man has broken the world record for the quickest time to drink a litre of lemon juice; having necked the drink in 16.53 seconds, it is an impressive feat as the man insisted he had never practised beforehand. 

David Rush, from Idaho, US, broke the record for drinking a litre of lemon juice by swallowing it all in less than 16.53 seconds. The record was previously held by Andre Ortolf who managed it in 17.2 seconds.

Bizarrely, David decided to try and beat the record attempt without any practice beforehand.

On his website, he wrote: “I never actually practised for this record with lemon juice. In fact, I only ever sucked down a full litre of water in practice twice. I did, however, practise dozens of times for the fastest time to drink a half-litre of water through a straw.

“The difference between a half a litre of liquid being added to the stomach in seconds and a litre is kind of like the difference between getting punched in the gut by my four-year-old or by Manny Pacquiao.

“I was pretty confident I could drink the liquid fast enough. I just wasn’t going to like how it felt. The big question is if I would gag from the sour lemon juice and be unable to swallow.”

In the video, David shows that somehow he manages to keep the whole drink down yet it’s likely that his stomach found it a difficult feat to process.

David said: “My stomach was rapidly stretched and was so uncomfortable, I didn’t want to move. It took several minutes of standing before I could feel safe moving without risking losing the contents of my stomach.

“Guinness didn’t specify any length of time the lemon juice needed to remain in the stomach, but I feel like it’s in the spirit of the rules that it’s supposed to stay down.”

However, a lot of world records involve a little sacrifice, a fact David must know as he spends his spare time breaking world records.

He now has accomplished 150 world records and this includes fastest and slowest juggling record, and the most time spent balancing a chainsaw on the chin (he managed 10 minutes and 0.78 seconds).

David claims to spend so much of his time to breaking world records as he wants to “promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education” and adopt “the power of having a growth mindset”.

Check out David breaking the world record for drinking lemon juice below.

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