Man Dubbed ‘Worst Burglar On Earth’ After Leaving Behind His ID And Phone

A man has been dubbed the ‘worst burglar on earth’ after he ‘tried to steal’ a van, yet made it pretty clear who he was by leaving behind his ID and phone. Amused, the owner of the van has hacked into his Facebook account and made him look a fool. 

When a van owner realised that someone had tried to break into his van and then discovered the burglar had left behind his ID and phone, he decided to make a fool of the rookie and took over his Facebook account. He branded him a “t**t” and changed his job status to “dosser”.

Nathan Brynes, 35, has been accused of trying to steal a van but was chased off. However, he left behind a form of ID and his phone, which has since made people dub him the ‘worst burglar on earth’.

The van owner decided to have his revenge and hacked into the burglar’s Facebook account. As well as changing his job status, he wrote a status saying: “Am I a crackhead? Yes. Do I leave my phone in people’s vans I’m trying to jack? Yes I did, what a m**g.”

Byrnes, based in Manchester, has had previous theft convictions and was not happy when he realised what had happened. For a brief period of time, he managed to log back into his Facebook account and wrote: “Who the f**k got my phone. It’s on when I find u.”

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Satisfied that he was annoying Brynes, the van owner then changed his password and responded: “Just to let u know I’m here again.”

Byrne’s Facebook friends found the exchange absolutely hilarious and one even mocked up an image of Byrnes against the film poster of Dumb & Dumber.

Credit: Facebook

Another labelled him the “s***test burglar on earth”.

The Sun contacted Byrne’s mum, Jane, who claimed: “He said his phone was stolen.”

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