Man Has Become TikTok Sensation Simply By Posting Himself Staring At Camera

A man from Vietnam has become a TikTok sensation by simply posting clips of himself staring into the smartphone camera, without making any commentary or any expressive movement. 

A middle-aged man from Vietnam has become a TikTok star without having to put in much work or thought, much to the envy of many TikTok influencer wannabes. Simply by posting videos of himself staring into his smartphone camera, the bizarre man who goes by the name Anh Tran Tan, has become a figure of curiosity for social media users.

@anhtrantan♬ Cà Mau Xa Lắm – Hoài Linh

On his TikTok channel, the man shares videos of himself staring into the camera whilst Vietnamese house music plays and somehow, he’s accumulated a whopping 574,900 followers from doing so. On the popular social media app, he’s even managed to get views as high as nine million.

On one of his clips, a fan commented: “I really respect you man. Plz tutorial that how you got 100k likes. You should explain to us man.”

Another joked: “I think your video auto like mode.”

A third said: “CEO of no reaction.”


♬ Quằng Lắm Em Ơi – Lê Nguyễn Hữu Huy ✅

Whilst many people put time and effort into their social media channels, this middle-aged man goes to show that sometimes, all it takes is a little simplicity when so many overthink it. As astonishingly, he even has followers asking how he creates content and garner such engagement. And of course, the emotionless TikTok star has yet to answer.

Meanwhile, a man has become an Instagram star by sharing videos of himself wrapping hundreds of elastic bands around huge watermelons. In one clip, he managed to wrap 1,000 elastic bands around a watermelon and his fans can’t get enough of it. Most of all, they find his reactions hilarious.

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