Man Has Been Banned From Tinder After Using Photo Of Baby Yoda

A man has been banned from using the dating app Tinder after he used a bizarre display pic of baby Yoda. 

Carter Hambley, a comedian from Chicago, posted a photo of himself on his Tinder dating profile. Although it seemed an innocent enough photo of himself – alongside the much-loved Star Wars character – it became a dealbreaker for many on the app.

Clearly, Carter had gone to the efforts of photoshopping baby Yoda into the photo, yet the harmless photo appeared to be antagonising to some.

The 21-year-old found that when he matched women on the app, they would ask him how did he get the Yoda doll. Despite it being great to find fellow Star Wars fans, he found that one woman in particular said that he was “catfishing” for photoshopping the character into the photo.

In the conversation, the woman popped up saying: “Where did you get that Yoda doll?”

Carter then went on to explain that he had craftily photoshopped the Yoda character into the photo. However, the woman was still confused.

She replied: “No not the photo. I mean the Yoda doll.”

In response, he explained that the Yoda in the photo wasn’t a doll at all and that he had just gone to the efforts of photoshopping the beloved character into his photo.

He said: “Yeah it’s not a doll, unfortunately! anyways! what kinda movies do you like, besides Star Wars, presumably :)”.

Clearly not a fan of his humourous attempt at starting an interesting conversation, the woman branded him a catfish and said it wasn’t right that he had used Photoshop.

She wrote: “So you just… put a fake image on your profile? That’s literally the definition of catfishing.

“You’re a liar and a sneak and I’m reporting you. Not letting you fool anyone else with your little tricks.”

Believing that the Tinder match was just rambling on, Carter couldn’t believe it when she actually managed to get his dating profile blocked.

Not amused by the conversation – and being blocked from using Tinder – Carter screenshotted the photos of their exchange and posted it onto Twitter. He wrote: “God I hate this app.”

Many responded to the post, saying that they had been through similar experiences, whilst many said they had given up on dating apps altogether.

One person wrote: “Wow, they did NOT realise that the image was a real image Photoshopped to have a fake image on it… Sometimes I wish bad things, but I honestly hope that person runs out of their favourite food items and the means to make their favourite foods.”

A second asked: “My question is, why did he get banned if he didn’t break any rules? There’s no way in f**king hell that is catfishing.”

An unlucky bachelor joined in saying: “It’s just impossible to date nowadays. After 5 terrible years attempting to use Tinder and other apps… I’m now preparing to hire a surrogate to carry my child.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

Aimee is a senior content editor at IGV who specialises in finding the best original stories, trending topics and entertainment news. She graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Media and Communications.