Man Has Developed Hippo-Like Neck After Drinking Alcohol Every Day For Over Four Decades

A Chinese man has developed large, fat lumps around his throat and it has been described as hippo-like, as he has admitted to drinking strong liquor every day for over four decades. 

For over forty years, a Chinese man has admitted to drinking strong liquor on a daily basis. Yet it has now developed into a rare condition which has caused fat lumps around his neck to emerge.

Footage of the 62-year-old has circulated online, in which you can see enormous amounts of fat around his neck.

The man is now being treated at a hospital in Shenyang, Liangong province of north-eastern China.

Credit: Pear Video

According to the doctors treating the man, his love of alcohol has lead to a disorder known as ‘hippo neck’ in China. This has seen his neck swell to twice its normal size.

The patient, who is known by his surname of Wang, informed the local media that since the age of 18, he had been drinking around 300 millilitres of ‘Bai Jiu’, which is a strong Chinese grain wine.

Bai Jiu is also known as a white liquor and is a type of super-strength Chinese grain wine that contains 52 per cent alcohol by volume on average. This is nearly 10 per cent stronger than your typical vodka.

After becoming frustrated with his fatty lumps, after having had them increasing in size over the years, Wang finally decided to have them looked at by the local hospital on Tuesday. He explained that over time, he had been mocked for the lumps.

Credit: Pear Video

Footage has been released on Pear Video, which shows two doctors examining Wang as they check the growth of the fat.

In the footage, the alcohol lover can be heard telling the medics: “I did not really notice it at first and it started to grow gradually.

“Now I have to notice it because it has grown so big. It’s ugly.”

Officially, Wang has been diagnosed with Madelung’s Disease, which is a rare disease that is characterised by the benign growths of fatty deposit. It also is known as lipoma and tends to form around a patient’s neck or upper body.

In order to treat Wang, the doctors explained that they would have to remove the tumour through surgery.

According to the National Organisation for Rare Disorders, Madelung’s Disease typically affects middle-aged men and in particular, those who drink a large amount of alcohol. In every 25,000 people worldwide, it occurs in one.

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