Man Has Gained A Whopping 15 Stone Throughout China’s Coronavirus Lockdown

A man in China has gained a whopping 15 stone throughout China’s coronavirus lockdown and has now been labelled Wuhan’s fattest person. 

A 26-year-old man has gained 15 stones during Wuhan’s five-month coronavirus lockdown after spending all his time indoors, which he clearly spent snacking.

The man, who wants his identity to remain private, was not considered ‘fat’ before the coronavirus lockdown of Wuhan, yet has now ballooned in size and is struggling to burn off the calories.

Before the lockdown, the man being referred to only as Zhou, claims that he has gained over 200Ib since the coronavirus epidemic began. Beforehand, he had been employed at a local cafe and says he lead a relatively normal lifestyle.

Yet within a few months that has drastically changed and Zhou is now being treated at the Wuhan University Central South Hospital as of June 1. Photos have been shared of his weight gain on China’s social media sites such as Weibo.

Credit: Weibo

The man told the doctors that since lockdown, which began in January, he had not left his home and that his weight had become extremely uncomfortable. He said particularly, he was struggling getting to sleep due to his now much larger size.

Desperate for medical assistance, the man allegedly said to the doctors: “Doctor, I haven’t closed my eyes for 48 hours. It’s so uncomfortable. Can you help me?”

Apparently, the man had been seeking help from various doctors before he found the deputy director of the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Center of the South Central Hospital of Wuhan University. He claims that many doctors had sent him away due to his extreme size.

As Zhou is so heavy, the team of paramedics initially struggled to get him out of his home and into the ambulance. Once admitted, he was sent to ICU and initial tests discovered that he was suffering from heart failure and respiratory dysfunction.

The doctors had wanted to conduct further testing including blood pressure and EEG but said that due to his large size, it was incredibly difficult to do so.

Credit: Weibo

Over the course of 10 days, the team of medical staff fought to keep the man in a stable condition. It wasn’t until June 11 that he was deemed out of immediate danger.

Dr Li Zhen explained that the man had contributing factors to his quick weight gain, such as genetics and endocrine abnormalities that were heightened due to his lack of movement and increased calorie intake during the Wuhan lockdown.

The doctor and his team are hopeful that the man will be able to lose around 50Ib and then he can safely undergo a gastric bypass or stomach reduction surgery. This will help him to shed a lot of the excess weight he has gained.

The doctor said: “I can only hope that by adjusting diet and rest and other methods, it [body weight] can reduce more than 50 pounds in three months so that the risk of surgery will be greatly reduced.”

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