Man Has Tattooed His Entire Body Black And Now Wants To Slice Off His Nipples

A man has decided he now wants to remove his tongue and nipples after having spent £9,000 on tattooing his entire body black. 

Yannick Rick, from Chur, Switzerland, has undergone the equivalent of three days of having had his entire body tattooed black, whilst having the word ‘Evil’ plastered across his back to contrast.

The 25-year-old said that he wanted to start covering his body in tattoos after visiting the beach, as he spotted a man who had full-body tattoos.

Originally, Yannick planned to have just the one arm tattooed. Yet once he saw the results he changed his mind, despite the pain.

Considering what he wanted, the tattoo addict set his mind on having his entire tattooed black. After he talked about it to a friend, he was referred to a tattoo artist who said they would be willing to do and it could be done within three sessions.

Bizarrely, Yannick became fascinated by the pain and healing that came with having tattoos and it was then that he realised he wanted something even more extreme.

Following his decision, he visited a tattoo parlour known as the “Brutal Black Project” where he spent a further three days undergoing tattoo work on the entirety of his body.

Since Yannick began his project, he has spent a whopping 400 hours under the needle.

Thankfully, his extreme looks haven’t affected his job, although residents at the care home where’s he based often tell him he needs to wash his “dirty” hands or ask if it’s possible for his tattoos to fade away in the shower.

Unsurprisingly, Yannick’s family and friends were shocked by his decision to tattoo his entire body black. Yet they soon came round to the idea once they realised how it made him happy. Often, he finds that people are so curious behind the meaning of his tattoos.

Although he now has an unusual appearance, Yannick says that his dating life hasn’t really changed and that often, women find it intriguing.

Now his body has been transformed into a piece of art, he feels more in tune with his body than ever before and believes that its satisfaction is equivalent to retail therapy.

Since having had his body tattooed, Yannick has developed an interest in scarification. This is the term used for decorative scars that are created by using a scalpel. A plastic wrap is then used to delay the healing process which leads to an increased effect.

To cheer himself up, Yannick now undergoes further tattoos or scarification.

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