Man Holds Urine In For 18 Hours After Drinking 10 Bottles Of Beer And His Bladder Is TORN APART

A man has had his bladder torn apart after he held in his urine for 18 hours after drinking 10 bottles of beer and then he went to sleep. 

According to doctors in eastern China, a man’s bladder has torn apart after he suffered three bladder tears. Apparently, it was because he had held in his urine for 18 whole hours.

The 40-year-old, who is known only by his surname of Hu, claims that he fell into a very deep sleep after he drank 10 bottles of beer on a night out. Throughout the evening, he did not go to the toilet.

Chinese media has reported that the medics were astounded by Mr Hu’s bladder, as it had burst due to three tears. He was quickly rushed to the hospital after he reported that he was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

The man was given medical attention at the Zhuji People’s Hospital in Shaoxing of the eastern China province Zhejiang.

Mr Hu claims that he fell into a very deep sleep after he drank 10 bottles of beer on a night out. Throughout the evening, he did not go to the toilet. 

Zhuji Daily reported that the man had gone out and downed over 10 bottles of beer. Yet he did not go to the toilet once and then fell into an extremely deep sleep.

The following evening, the hungover man woke up with severe abdominal pains and he was then rushed to his local hospital.

As he was in so much pain, the doctors found that the man couldn’t lay flat, his abdominal muscles were far too tense. On multiple occasions, he tried to release urine but failed.

A CT scan was then conducted on Mr Hu and the medics found that his bladder had been torn apart by three holes.

Shockingly, one of the tears had opened so widely that it had opened up towards his abdominal cavity and caused a part of his intestines to enter into the bladder.

Immediately, the ill man was scheduled for an operation in which doctors would fix his bladder.

The surgeons said it was extremely worrying, as it could have developed into a life-threatening condition if it had been left any longer.

Following a full recovery, Mr Hu has been discharged from the Zhuji People’s Hospital.

Apparently, the doctors at the local hospital said that although it was rare, they tended to receive at least one patient like Mr Hu a year.

The medics explained that although a person’s bladder is flexible and can increase in size with fluid, it has a limited capacity of around 350 to 500 millilitres.

If a person is extremely intoxicated, they may not realise that they are in need of urinating and this is how one’s nerve system can be suppressed by alcohol.

Doctors have urged that people avoid holding in urine for long periods of time and that they shouldn’t resist the urge to pee, especially after having had a drink.

Meanwhile, a man has developed a hippo-like neck after he drank alcohol every day for over four decades. Images of the 62-year-old man have been circulating online, in which enormous amounts of fat are clearly around his neck.

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