Man Born With Micropenis Explains How He Approaches Topic With Girls

A man born with a micropenis has explained how he approaches the subject with girls.
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A man born with a micropenis has explained how he approaches the subject with girls.

When it comes to ‘getting your kit off’ with a new partner for the first time, it’s not unusual to feel nervous.

And that’s likely even more so if you’re disadvantaged in the downstairs department.

But one man, who has a micropenis, has bravely detailed how he goes about broaching the subject prior to encounters with the opposite s*x.

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According to Healthline, micropenis is a medical term used to describe a penis that measures below the normal length of an otherwise fully formed manhood.

The condition is usually diagnosed at birth and one study published in Science Direct states that the strict definition of a micropenis is that the stretched length of the penis is more than 2.5 standard deviations below the average for the age.

In adult men, a micropenis measurement is anything below 9.32cm, while in prepubescent boys, it is below 3.8cm.

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In newborns, a micropenis is regarded as anything measuring below 1.9cm.

The Reddit user, who admits that he hates how he was born with a micropenis, hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the site, encouraging people to submit questions about his experiences.

When asked how he approaches se*ual relationships with women, the man said he does not lie about his size and is honest about it if it comes up during the initial stages of getting to know someone.

He wrote: “But like in the beginning stages, like those talk to get to know you stages, if it’s bought up during one of those s*xy time talks, I’ll be honest and say my size.

Womans hands on mans bottom
A man born with a micropenis has explained how he approaches the subject with girls. Credit: Alamy

“Other times like heat of the moment just hooked up with a woman when it happens I’ll take mine out and just hope for the best. [Though] I’ve experienced many awkward embarrassing moments.”

When another person asked how women have dealt with the ‘elephant in the room, or lack of’, the user replied: “Mostly every partner I’ve been with was kind of disappointed.

“I mean I sorta felt it and normally it’s an awkward embarrassing experience from there.

“I mean the insecurity gets the better of me some days for sure but it’s the hand I’m dealt. All I can do is accept myself.”

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Despite his insecurity, the man says he accepts himself for who he is and loves being a good listener and giving advice to his friends.

Another Reddit user commended him for being there for the people he loves and urged him to keep it up.

Sure, having a micropenis can be a challenging experience for many men, and it’s essential to approach se*ual relationships with honesty and open communication.

And while it may be difficult to accept oneself, the Reddit user says it is crucial to focus on one’s positive qualities and strengths and surround oneself with supportive people who appreciate them.

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