Man Whose Parcel Was Stolen Is Shocked When He Checks CCTV

A man couldn’t find his missing Hermes delivery parcel that had supposedly been delivered the night before, so when he checked CCTV footage to make sure he hadn’t missed anything he couldn’t believe what he saw. 

Garage owner Martin Hind was frustrated when he received a message from Hermes saying that his parcel had been delivered, as he couldn’t see the parcel anywhere. Believing his parcel must have been stolen, he decided to check CCTV footage to find the culprit.

Martin, from Kent, had been expecting an order of electrical goods and received a message from Hermes to declare that they had delivered the parcel to his place of work, where he had requested it be delivered.

However, when he turned up the following day to pick up his parcel he was annoyed to find it wasn’t anywhere in sight. Believing it had been stolen or that there had been some type of mix up, the garage owner checked CCTV footage and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Martin explained that the Hermes delivery driver was shown leaving the package ‘in a puddle’ right beside the gate leading to Martin’s office, before leaving.

Following this, a curious fox happened to be passing by and cautiously approaches the parcel, it then tugs at the parcel which causes it to fall on its head.

Despite the animal initially being left shaken, it returns to the parcel once again, undeterred. Martin was shocked to watch on the footage as the fox then slowly dragged the parcel away, off into the night.

Credit: Martin Hind

Amused by the incredible piece of footage, Martin posted the clip online and captioned it: “On Tuesday at around 7:30 pm I received a text and email from Hermes, ‘we’ve delivered your parcel’.

“Well I get to work yesterday, it’s nowhere to be found.

“So I check the CCTV. He definitely delivered it, well when I say delivered, he poked it through the gate and left it in a puddle.

“Then at around 10 minutes to 1 am, a cute little fox comes along and runs off up the yard with it.”

Credit: Martin Hind

The 33-year-old’s footage left others astounded at the amusing story, as many said the series of events were so bizarre they couldn’t help but laugh.

One said: “How cute but annoying, at least you have proof.”

Another commented: “That’s almost unbelievable, but in many ways I’m glad it happened, hope it wasn’t too expensive.”

A third person added: “That made my day.”

Since the post has gone viral, Martin has commented: “I understand that they’re very busy at the moment, but I’m disappointed.

“The package hasn’t turned up yet, it’s probably there somewhere. Even if I did retrieve it, it’s likely ruined anyway.

“I’ve had problems with Hermes before. They lost three parcels I sent in one month, all of which turned up eventually, but after the delay I lost the business.”

Since then, Hermes has responded: “During this pandemic, our couriers are providing ‘contactless’ delivery to support social distancing.

“Normally placing a parcel inside a locked yard would be a good option – but that was without factoring in Mr Fox.

“We will contact the customer to apologise and discuss options regarding a replacement item or a refund.”

Check out the hilarious video below.

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