Man Rescues What He Thinks Is A ‘Puppy’ From The Side Of The Road – But It’s Actually A Baby Fox

A man thought that he was rescuing an abandoned ‘puppy’ which had been left on the side of the road. However, the man soon realised he had made a mistake and he had actually found a baby fox instead. 

Twitter user Marcy, from Japan, thought that he had found a little pup which had been left abandoned and unable to fend for herself.

Deciding he couldn’t leave the little ball of fluff on her own, he decided that he would take the pup – that he named Luna – and look after her until he found where she belonged.

Wanted to reunite the animal with its owner soon, Marcy posted on his Twitter account that he had found Luna on a highway and urged anyone with any information to get in touch.

Although Marcy received plenty of messages concerning the pup, with many expressing how adorable they thought that Luna was, others were quick to point out that Luna was not a puppy at all.

Marcy was shocked to realise that he had actually found and taken home a baby fox.

After the post caused a bit of a frenzy on Twitter, Marcy thought it would make sense to go to the vets and confirm the suspicions.

Credit: Twitter

He wrote on his Twitter: “Thank you for your many retweets and opinions.

“I had a good night’s sleep after eating rice last night, and this morning I have a good appetite with defecation and urination.

“Isn’t it a fox? I will confirm it later with the veterinarian.”

This adorable oversight left many entertained and before Marcy knew it, Luna had made it viral.

Despite taking care of the baby fox for some time, Marcy knew that it wouldn’t be possible for him to keep Luna forever.

In Japan, it is currently illegal to have a fox as a pet. This is because they may carry parasites that could be dangerous and contagious to humans.

Knowing he didn’t have much choice, Marcy handed Luna over to a farm.

Credit: Twitter

He updated his followers: “We have completed handing over the fox to Kita Kitsune Farm.

“If you have the opportunity, I would be happy if you could visit Luna.”

According to Marcy, experts at the farm believe that Luna is just one or two months old. At this moment in time, she is too young to be able to forage for food on her own or fend for herself, therefore she’ll stay at the farm until she’s older.

In the meantime, Marcy has expressed his fondness for foxes and has decided to start advocating for their safety by publicising organisations that help them.

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