Man Shares ‘Lockdown Shop’ Receipt And Sparks Controversy As Trolls Accuse Him Of Hoarding

A family man with a household of nine has sparked controversy with trolls as he shared his “lockdown shop” receipt, which people on the internet claiming it’s “hoarding”. 

A dad took to TikTok to share the long list of groceries his wife had gotten when shopping at Tesco on January 5.

The husband mocked how much she had purchased by mimicking the opening titles of Stars War, along with its iconic theme tune.

The on-screen caption said: “When the wife says she needs a ‘lockdown shop’.”

On the list, it is visible that there is a rather large amount of food, including bacon, sausages, avocado, turkey rashers, Vimto and Dr Pepper.

In the caption, he joked: “Most men in the UK will understand.”

Since being shared online, the clip has been watched an impressive 1.5 million times and it also attracted thousands of comments – many of which being about their lockdown shopping habits.

One person joked: “If you didn’t order a takeaway when you got home it wasn’t successful.”

Another added: “Man only got six beans, I see this is your first lockdown brother.”

While a third quipped in: “There is hardly any chocolate or alcohol on there.

“This is not our first rodeo she should know better.”

The dad, who has a large household of nine members, evidently had a large shopping receipt because of this. Yet this didn’t stop trolls on the video-sharing app from scolding him for “hoarding”.

A user moaned: “Lucky for those who can afford excessive shopping.”

Another joined in, commenting: “And that’s why the shelves in the shops are empty.”

Thankfully, some people leaped to the family’s defence with one person responding: “Omg it’s pretty obvious most commenters don’t shop for a family if they think this is stockpiling.

“That lot wouldn’t make a dent in Tesco.”

However, the dad interjected in the discussion by explaining that the shop was so large due to the fact the family had been cutting back on going to the supermarket, due to the government advising families to go outside less because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Written by Aimee Walker

Aimee is a senior content editor at IGV who specialises in finding the best original stories, trending topics and entertainment news. She graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Media and Communications.