Man Who ‘Spent £75k On Tattoos’ Shares ‘Most Painful Place’ He’s Been Inked

A man who claims to have spent '£75,000 on tattoos' has shared the 'most painful place' he's been inked. 
Credit: @ephemeral_remy/Instagram

A man who claims to have spent ‘£75,000 on tattoos’ has shared the ‘most painful place’ he’s been inked. 

Remy, from Canada, told the Daily Star that the most sensitive area so far was ‘the inside of his bum,’ along with his ‘inner thighs’.

The 33-year-old, who first began getting tattoos in 2009, revealed to the publication: “Maybe the inside of the bum, or the deeper regions of the inner thighs, those areas are fairly sensitive.”

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A man who has spent '£75,000 on tattoos' has shared the 'most painful place' he has been inked. 
Remy has opened up about his tattoos, which was the most painful. Credit: @ephemeral_remy/Instagram

He added: “Since I started getting tattooed I’ve spent somewhere around $120,000-130,000 CAD [around £75,000].

“But including piercings and jewellery, I’m well over $150,000 [£87,000].”

The chef also informed the publication that he gets ‘trolled’ over his unusual appearance.

He explained: “I never get any ‘bad’ or ‘hateful’ comments from anyone, family or stranger, in person.

“I only ever hear those sorts of things from people online, in public I get only positive or curious comments.

“When I receive hate online I either ignore it or wish the hater/troll well, as I’m big enough to realise what’s upset them isn’t me.”

Over on Instagram, Remy recently shared a photo of his torso, revealing to followers that he’s getting some of his inkings ‘lightened’.

The post read: “For the people who have been asking if I’m planning more white or colour work over my blackouts, you’ll be getting your wish.

“This is sort of the last time I’ll be showing my torso this dark, as the next session we’ll add significant amounts of white and silver to increase the contrast of my chest.”

Praising him on his body art, one fan commented: “All other tattoos are obsolete after seeing this!”

“I travel around America going to tattoo conventions and that’s the craziest thing I’ve seen,” a second said. “Dedication right there.”

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