Man Called Out For Wearing ‘Disturbing’ T-Shirt

A man has been called out on social media for wearing a 'disturbing' t-shirt. 
Credit: @honkytonk29/TikTok

A man has been called out on social media for wearing a ‘disturbing’ t-shirt. 

The guy was recorded walking down the street with the words ‘Are You 18?’ printed across his back.

TikToker @honkytonk29 shared the clip online and asked: “Why would you wear something like this?”

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The man has been called out by TikTokers for wearing a ‘disturbing’ t-shirt while walking down the street. Credit: @honkytonk29/TikTok

Since being shared, the post has accumulated over 235,000 views and more than 41,000 people have liked it.

Although the guy hasn’t responded to the backlash, many people have shared their thoughts on the top, dubbing it ‘inappropriate’.

One viewer asked: “Why are y’all even surprised by men’s actions anymore?”

Another added: “The fact that he looks older than 25 too. Like sir, just cause it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.”

“If you even have a doubt on your mind if someone’s 18 or not, then don’t even mind asking,” a third pointed out.

Joining in, a fourth said: “Now THAT is fatherless behaviour.”

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However, some people are actually defending the guy and claiming they can’t see a problem with it.

“There’s nothing wrong with the shirt,” a TikToker penned. “He’s just making sure anyone he hits is 18+. It is kinda weird but it’s good he doesn’t like minors.”

In agreement, another asked: “Would you rather the shirt say ‘Under 18’?”

The creator of the clip has now commented: “If he has to wear a shirt like that because the women he’s hitting on could pass as minors, it’s a little creepy to me, and the claim that he likes little girls still applies.”

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