Man Tests Couple’s Loyalty By Making Them Switch Phones And It Goes Horribly Wrong

Loyalty Test

A man recently tested a couple’s loyalty by making them switch phones, and it did not go down well. 

Akintoye Ojeshina, 23, carried out the challenge in Detroit with random lovers who he stopped on the street.

The content creator had them swap their devices for 45 seconds and allowed them to check each other’s messages.

Watch the full video below…

Opening up about the idea, he said: “This video is of me loyalty checking couples by seeing if they are willing to go through each other’s phones on the spot for 45 seconds.

“They can either do the challenge or not do the challenge”

The clip begins with a couple who have been ‘on/off for three years’.

Ojeshina asks them if they are ‘loyal’ and they both reply ‘yes’.

He then tells them to switch phones and instructs them to get scrolling.

When he asks how things are looking, the guy replies ‘not too good’.

He then turns to his partner and asks: “Are you trying to play me? Are you serious?”

Ojeshina then interjects and tells the woman she ‘has some explaining to do’.

She responds: “We can talk about it in the car.”

Bet that was one awkward journey!

Featured Image Credit: Ark Media

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