Man Wraps Hundreds Of Elastic Bands Around A Watermelon And His Reaction Is Priceless Each Time

A man has gone viral by wrapping nearly 1,000 elastic bands around watermelons and the end results are absolutely hilarious. 

Jeremiah Warlick, who goes by the name Rubberband Man, has gone viral for his daredevil antics which include wrapped elastic bands around pieces of fruit. It’s crazy what self-isolation can do to a person, isn’t it?

With over 215,000 fans of his somewhat creative hobby on Instagram, the influencer regularly posts videos of himself wrapping elastic bands around all sorts of things including balloons, cartons of milk and of course, watermelons.

Jeremiah, from Jackson, Tenessee, US, always ends up having the same explosive ending with each of his viral videos – yet they are still pretty satisfying to watch.

As he wraps the possible 900th piece of an elastic band around the gigantic pieces of fruit, it is clear to see that it struggles to handle the strain of being warped out of shape.

Slowly, it is clear that the watermelons can’t possibly take any more and are soon about to split, a telltale sign being the deep gash forms in its thick skin.

Before the Rubberband Man knows what’s hit him, the pink flesh of the watermelon rips.

Still, it always has Jeremiah on edge as he waits for it to do the inevitable. Wearing protective goggles, he can’t help but edge closer to the watermelon – just in case. As he attempts to go closer to the camera, the watermelon always explodes suddenly in his face, much to his surprise.

As the watermelon explodes with so much force, it pushes the prankster from his chair or where he’s standing. Often he will land with a groan and always covered in watermelon.

Having grown used to exploding watermelons, Jeremiah pulls off his goggles and assesses the carnage that has taken place, all because of an exploding watermelon.

People have been quick to comment on his posts, many with laughing and crying emojis as they call his stunts ‘hilarious’.

A long time fan wrote: “I cannot believe I was up all night watching this man.”

Whilst another said: “I could watch these all day.”

Another person had a question about the fallout of the explosion: “How much time do you spend cleaning your room every day?”

In case you’re wondering what happens with the mashed up bits of watermelon, then you’ll be glad to know that Jeremiah doesn’t waste his experiments. Instead, he uses the hard shells as a homemade barbeque for other demonstrations in future videos.

Meanwhile, a gender reveal ended up being an absolute disaster when the mum to be was struck in the face with a baseball bat by her husband – making it memorable for the entirely wrong reason!

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