Mark Zuckerberg Trolled Over Nickname For Meta Employees

Mark Zuckerberg has been trolled over his choice of nickname for his Meta employees on social media.
Credit: @zuck/Instagram & Meta

Mark Zuckerberg, who was previously slammed for his social media blackout apology, is being trolled over his nickname for Meta employees.

The CEO of Facebook, who recently changed the company’s name, is believed to have told workers he will start referring to them as ‘Metamates’.

After hearing the announcement, many people have taken to social media and mocked the 37-year-old.

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One said: “Good morning Metamates!

“It’s time to get up from your Metadesks and recite the Metapledge for our Metaleader!

“Remember Metafacial recognition technology is evaluating your Metathusiasm and anyone not meeting the Metametric will spend a night in the Metducation center!”

“Is this some kind of Brewster’s Millions-esque stunt?” asked another. “Has Zuckerberg been threatened or something if he doesn’t drive their share price down to some challenging degree? What the f***?”

Poking fun, a third wrote: “Can’t wait for: LinkedIn -> Inmates, Amazon -> Primates, Tinder -> Intimates, Jira -> Underestimates, Postmates -> Postmatemates.”

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Apparently, Zuckerberg revealed the term ‘Metamates’ at a meeting when discussing the company’s new ‘values’.

Alex Heath, a reporter for The Verge, took to Twitter and explained what this meant.

He tweeted: “The new Meta values are changing from ‘move fast’ to ‘move fast together,’ ‘be bold’ is being replaced with ‘build awesome things’ and ‘focus on long term impact’ is their newest added value.

“The most talked-about one, however, is the value: ‘Meta, Metamates, Me’. A slide shows this text in bold all caps next to Zuck talking.

“I am told Zuck said this without laughing and explained it had to do with a story about ships and shipmates.”

The CEO of Meta, Andrew Bosworth, responded to the tweets, commenting: “Fun fact: ‘Metamates’ was coined by none other than Douglas Hofstadter himself after an employee cold emailed him for ideas after our rebrand. I love it!

“Also the saying is a reference to a Naval phrase which Instagram has used for a while ‘Ship, Shipmates, Self, Have your say in our news democracy’.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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